The Japanese – style auberge only for adults.


Superior Japanese Western style room【Tajima Wagyu】

Max capacity: 2 persons ~ 4 persons

Toilet: Yes / Bath: No / No smoking

[Room 302] Tajima Wagyu concept room

The owner established the hotel in September 2013 with the goal of "making Tajima beef the best brand beef in Japan". Since then, in order to provide our guests, access to various parts of Tajima beef, we stock up on whole cattle from Ueda Ranch. Additionally, we opened a superior room in December 2022 with Tajima Wagyu as the motif. We would be grateful if you could get familiar with Tajima beef both during your supper and in your room.

Features of the Tajima Wagyu concept room
1) You'll be welcomed inside by Tajima Wagyu's actual size buttocks and head decorations.
2) Cowhide mattress board
3) Tajima Wagyu puzzle
4) Mini ranch exhibit
5) We serve Tajima beef for dinner
6) Cowhide style massage chair

◆ 2 beds (Hollywood twin), tatami space, living room, shower, maximum 4 people can stay
*If you are staying with 3 or more people, we will prepare a bed for 2 people and a futon in the tatami space for the other people.
◆Kinosaki bath ticket included
◆Colored yukata rental free
◆Wi-Fi available
◆Simmons bed 195 cm x 95 cm
◆Always comfortable! Fully air-conditioned
◆Two 50inch TVs connected to the Internet (NETFLIX, YouTube, etc. can be viewed)
◆facilities and amenities
Refrigerator, toilet with washer, electric kettle, tea set, hair dryer, hand soap, bath towel, face towel, shampoo, conditioner, body soap,coffee machine, massage chair, shower room
All rooms are non-smoking.
The building has only stairs. Dinner will be served at the restaurant and breakfast will be served at the cafe.