LOCATION: Kannabe; 30km from Kinosaki Onsen. Accessible by train (Ebara Sta.) and bus.


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One Night Lodging with All-you-can-eat Dinner Plan

Dinner and breakfast included

Check-in: 15:00 ~
Check-out: ~ 10:00

The climate and culture of Kannabe plateau, whose colors change vibrantly over the four seasons, look very similar to the State of North Carolina in the US. In Western North Carolina, the highest peak of mountains are called the“Blue Ridge Mountains". The name of our hotel “Blue Ridge” came from the ridge line of those mountains.

The rooms are all equipped with chic furniture that was imported from the United States. They create a magical atmosphere of calmness and peace. The windows are large enough to enjoy the sunshine and the views of the Kannabe plateau.

We cordially serve you with cuisine that is made with seasonal and local crops and ingredients in an all-you-can-eat style.

The hotel is located about 40 minutes by car from Kinosaki Onsen (30km)

JR Kinosaki Onsen Sta.
| (approx. 28mins by JR train)
JR Ebara Sta.
| (approx. 30mins by Zentan bus)
Kannabe Onsen Yutorogi

All-you-can-eat Dinner

The most popular plan in this hotel. We cordially serve you with cuisine that is made with seasonal and local ingredients in. Eat what you like as much as you like.
Dishes and ingredients vary and change depending on the season.

All dishes we are serving are reliable and secure. Try local Geo-park rice as much as you like.

Dinner Time: 17:30~ or 19:30~ for 90minutes. Let us know your preferred dinner time at the comment when you make a reservation on-line.

Breakfast is also a western and Japanese buffet. You can have handmade bread and various dishes from more than 30 kinds. (Menu is subject to change depending on season)

This hotel is completely non-smoking from April 2017 to answer to the customers requests. Thank you for your understanding. Smoking area is provided separately.

  • Breakfast is also a western and Japanese buffet

  • One of guest rooms

Tennessee (standard twin)

Max capacity: 1 persons ~ 2 persons

Georgia (upgrade twin)

Max capacity: 1 persons ~ 3 persons

About service fees and taxes
Toyooka City Bathing Tax/Bathing Fees

This is a tax levied on bathing guests. It is a special purpose tax to cover the expenses required for tourism promotion and the protection and management facilities for mineral spring sources and firefighting facilities. The mineral spring bathhouse owner becomes responsible for the special collection and collects it from the bathing guests.

After April 1, 2023 (per person)
Bathing tax
L All wards Adults 150 yen Children are tax exempt

Cancellation Policy
The cancellation fee is as follows.
Unauthorized cancellation :100% of all night accommodation charge
Cancellation after 0:00 on the day :70% of the room charge
Cancellation after 0:00 on the day before :50% of the room charge
Cancellation 5 days before 0:00 :20% of the room charge

Internet cancellation
Cancellations are taken 0:00 0 days

Reservation inquiry or cancellation