Kinosaki Onsen Sightseeing Staples

Refresh your body and mind in this charming hot spring town. Known for seven tattoo-friendly public hot springs, sweeping willow trees, and retro streets, we invite you to take a leisurely stroll through Kinosaki Onsen.

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Day 01 - Kinosaki Onsen
Arrive at Kinosaki Onsen Station
Once guests step off the train, the charming townscape of Kinosaki Onsen is laid out before them right from the station entrance.

The town can be thought of as one large Japanese inn, where the station is the entrance, the steets are the hallways, the shops are the boutiques, and the seven hot springs are the baths.
About5min. by foot
Kinosaki Onsen has two main streets: Station Street and Willow Street.

Right out of Kinosaki Onsen Station visitors begin their sttroll down Station Street, home to mostly souvenir shops and restaurants selling Tajima beef, seafood, and drinks.

A turn left at the end of Station Street leads visitors down Willow Street for a stunning view of the town's gorgeous Otani River flanked by lush willow greenery.
About3min. by foot
Hot Spring Drinking Fountain
In addition to seven public hot springs for the entire body, Kinosaki Onsen boasts hand baths, foot baths, and even a hot spring drinking fountain! Take a sip of Kinosaki Onsen's natural hot spring water at the hot spring drinking fountain in front of Ichino-yu Bathhouse.
About12min. by foot
Kinosaki Ropeway
Ride the Kinosaki Ropeway to the top of Mount Daishi, awarded one star in the Michelin Green Guide Japan for its spectacular view!
About7min. by ropeway
The view from the top does not disappoint - grab a coffee or gelato from the mountain top Miharashi Terrace Cafe, sit back, and watch the world go by from down below.
About4min. by ropeway
At the halfway station, get off and pay a visit to Onsenji Temple, Kinosaki Onsen's guardian Buddhist Temple founded by the monk Dochi Shonin. The monks will be happy to tell you the story of Kinosaki Onsen's creation 1,300 years ago!
About3min. by foot
Kinosaki Museum of Art
Tucked away amongst the lush forest, the Kinosaki Museum of Art lies a few meters away from Onsenji Temple. Also known as the Onsenji Treasure Museum, visitors are welcome to appreciate the precious antiques from Kinosaki on display inside the museum’s calming interior.
About4min. by ropeway
Foot Baths
Rest your feet in one of Kinosaki Onsen's five free foot baths! After getting off the Kinosaki Ropeway at the mountain base station, head on over to the nearby footbath for some R&R. Try out the hot spring eggs at the nearby cafe while you're at it!
About3min. by foot
Gokurakuji Temple
Kinosaki Onsen's Gokurakuji Temple is in a secluded part of town, and is home to a peaceful rock garden, zen meditation practice, and a friendly Buddhist priest. Experience seated zen meditation in a local temple while gazing outside at the tranquil rock garden.
About4min. by foot
Kiyamachi Square
Within this shopping square you will find a variety of shops selling local specialties.

Here you can also experience straw craft, a Japanese artform only found in Kinosaki Onsen.

Be sure to check out are the little book corner and rolling ball sculpture featuring local characters and scenes.
Like scavenger hunts? Walk around the square and see if you can find small sculptures hidden here and there. Hint: there are three and one is a bee!
About5min. by foot
Back to Willow Street
As you make your way down Willow Street, be sure to pick up any souvenirs or last-minute street foods!

Some of our recommendations are, straw craft souvenirs, pudding, icecream, and Tajima beef buns.