Mar 17-19 First Day of the Horse Festival in Izushi

A procession of shrine maidens dressed as white foxes descending from Arikoyama Inari Shrine

The 400-year-old custom of welcoming the arrival of spring in Izushi Castle Town, the First Day of the Horse Festival, will be held on March 17-19! Join locals in praying for a prosperous year in agriculture, business, and happiness while snacking your way through 80 local food stalls.

Like all horse day festivals, a traditional Japanese festival with roots in the lunar calendar, Izushi’s First Day of the Horse Festival is customarily held at the local Shinto Inari Shrine, Arikoyama Inari Shrine just above the Izushi Castle Ruins.

Historically, the First Day of the Horse Festival was the only day of the year when ordinary townspeople could enter Izushi Castle’s grounds and visit Arikoyama Inari Shrine. Nowadays, locals and visitors alike are welcome to walk up the red torii-lined steps and pray at Arikoyama Inari Shrine.

Various events will be held, such as the locally acclaimed White Fox Dance, a haunted house, and more.

White Fox Dance and Procession: March 18, 13:00 at Arikoyama Inari Shrine & March 19, 15:00 at Eirakukan Kabuki Theater

Haunted House in front of Izushi Information Center
Ikebana flower exhibit at Toyooka City Museum of Art

*Please cooperate with the following COVID-19 infection measures:

Please practice social distancing and refrain from attending if you are unwell, have a fever, or any symptoms of COVID-19.
Please note that the festival may be cancelled due to the situation surrounding COVID-19 or in the event of inclement weather.