Toyooka Theater Festival 2022

Madama Butterfly, scheduled to be performed at the Kinosaki International Arts Center © Philip Frowein

Toyooka City is ecstatic to announce the annual Toyooka Theater Festival from September 15~25!

As a small city with a profound focus on the arts, ranging from Kabuki performances to bag craftsmanship and from traditional straw craft to modern-art performances, it’s no wonder that Toyooka City serves as the epicenter of art in Hyogo Prefecture of the Kansai Region.

With performances spread out across nine areas of Northern Hyogo throughout the month of September, the Toyooka Theater Festival connects local municipalities across Northern Hyogo Prefecture with both international and Japanese creatives.

Ticket sales for the various events and performances have gone on sale starting August 4, with organizers thrilled to welcome both locals and visitors alike to celebrate the arts thriving in a rural setting.

Furikuru Mono no Naka de, scheduled to be performed at Toyooka Citizens’ Hall © Sankai Juku

Building Community Through Art

Through the integration of special currency, non-contact ticketing systems, and local tour planning, the Toyooka Theater Festival not only provides unique entertainment for visitors and locals, but also serves as a special opportunity for nurturing community development. Along with the aim of developing the local community through artistic endeavors, The Toyooka Theater Festival boasts the ambitious goal of becoming the number one theater festival in Asia within five years and one of the world’s top theater festivals within ten years.

Multilingual Performances

Toyooka Theater Festival hosts performances in Japanese, English, French, and other languages, providing a sense of belonging and community among fellow art lovers who visit the festival, regardless of language.

Fringe Programs: Art for All

The beauty of Northern Hyogo serves as a stage for artists during the Theater Festival’s fringe program. In addition to Director’s program multilingual performances, the Toyooka Theater Festival continues to make accessibility to art a main priority of its mission by holding public fringe programs around Northern Hyogo. Coupled with the natural and dramatic beauty of locations such as Takeno Beach and the Kannabe Highlands, visitors can enjoy performances such as concerts and dancing.

Night markets during the Theater Festival are also scheduled to be held in front of JR Ebara Station and in front of Toyooka City Hall at the following times:

September 17 and 18, 18:00~22:00 (in front of JR Ebara Station)
September 23~25, 18:00~22:00 (in front of Toyooka City Hall)

Those interested in the schedule of performances for the Toyooka Theater Festival are encouraged to check the official site here!

The Last Geisha by Hydroblast © bozzo
The aesthetic of something that never has been seen〜Toyooka ver.〜 by Mi-Mi-Bi from DANCE BOX © Iwamoto Junpei