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Gubi? Gabu?

GUBIGABU is an onomatopoeia for the sound of eating and drinking to your heart’s content.

Come and “gubi-gubi” your drink and “gabu-gabu” your food all the while enjoying a lovely view out onto the willow tree lined Otani River.

Kinosaki Original Beer

A great spot to try all four of the area’s locally brewed beers on tap.

Pilsner – SKY BEER
4.5% abv

This is the most standard of beers and so is one of the easier beers to drink, even for those that don’t often drink beer. A 100% malt beer with a strong fragrance and light flavor that tastes great in easy season and easily pairs with any meal. It is also one of the most refreshing to have after a hot soak in the onsen, especially if you have just come from the closest bathhouse, Yanagi Yu which has some of the hottest waters in Kinosaki.

6.0% abv

A stronger blonde beer with a lovely balance of wheat malts. Compared to the SKY BEER this RIVER BEER has a slightly sweeter or fruitier flavor but is just as refreshing and easy to drink. The fruity notes of the beer pair well with the seafood or counterbalance stronger or spicier flavors like a curry rice or steak bowl.

A red ale or similar – CRAB BEER
6.0% abv

Contrary to the beer’s name, CRAB BEER, it does not have crab in it. It is named so because it was formulated to pair well with the town’s famous crab that is popular during the winter season, hence the snowflake motif also found on the label. This beer is popular for its slight sweetness and crisp hoppy flavor, although it is a bit stronger in flavor it is still an easy one to drink.

5.0% abv

This is the fullest bodied beer of the Kinosaki beers. You can taste the roasted malts and the complimentary caramel flavors as you sip on this beer. The roasted malts in this beer goes well with grilled foods, rich stews or salty foods. Try it with the restaurants hamburger steak, fillet steak, Tajima beef curry rice or even a bowl of nuts if you are just looking for a light snack.



Kinosaki Local Beers Bottled

Dining Area

Window front counter seating

Offers a beautiful view out onto the Otani River and is perfect for people watching.

Tap Beers

Enjoy all four of Kinosaki Onsen's local beers on tap.

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Business Name
GUBIGABU Local Beer Restaurant
Business Hours
Holidays / Closed
Thursdays and every 3rd Wednesday of the month
646 Yushima
Kinosaki-cho, Toyooka-shi
Hyogo 669-6101