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What Are Onsens?

Besides really relaxing
Goshono Yu Baths
  • Kouno Yu outdoor bath

'Onsen' is Japanese for 'hot spring'. As a volcanically active country, onsens can be found all over Japan. In Kinosaki Onsen the original temperature of the spring water exits the source at about 80ºC, and is then regulated by each bath house to around 42ºC. Kinosaki has seven public bath houses. As an overnight guest at a ryokan in Kinosaki, you can receive a free pass to all of them!

Health Benefits

Onsens are not only good for getting clean, onsen bathing is said to have a variety of health benefits. In fact, in the past, onsen towns started to become famous as health resorts for the sick and injured to convalesce. The two main beneficial aspects of onsens are:

The Heat

The hot onsen water relaxes muscles and accelerates the metabolism.

Natural Minerals

The mineral elements found in onsen water can be absorbed by the body and are said to improve different health issues.

The hot springs in Kinosaki Onsen contain a wealth of minerals such as sodium, calcium and chloride. These elements are said to be good for fatigue, digestive issues, nerve and muscular pain, and bruising. Other aspects such as; water pressure and buoyancy, are also said to be good for health. Each of the seven bath houses in Kinosaki are all different with unique features. Whether it’s an outdoor cave bath, or an ice sauna, you can try them all!

Tattoo Friendly Onsen of Kinosaki

Kinosaki Onsen is an onsen town where you can enter any one of the 7 public hot spring bathhouses with tattoos. Read more about it here:

Tattoo Friendly Onsen of Kinosaki