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【Press Release】Ski. Board. Play. Repeat.

The Kannabe Highlands are a popular destination for an abundance of outdoor activities all year round, and winter brings a myriad of seasonal activities. After more traditional sightseeing in Kyoto and Osaka is done, visitors to Japan can ski, snowboard, sled, and more just three hours away in the Kannabe Highlands!

The Kannabe Highlands are a mountainous area containing the crater of the Kansai region’s youngest – but safely, extinct – volcano. The geological features of this volcano and the mountainous area make the Kannabe Highlands a great location for various snow activities for all ages and skill levels. Kannabe has the following three ski areas:


  • 4 courses, beginner to advanced
  • Kids Snow Amusement Park (two locations)
  • Skiing lessons in English
  • Banana boat snow rafting & snow mobile activity



  • 7 courses, beginner to advanced
  • Beginner & Kids Park
  • Advanced course with 35 degree slope
  • Artificial snow area
  • Banana boat snow rafting



  • 7 courses, beginner to advanced
  • Connected to Oku Kannabe through joint tickets
  • Artificial snow area
  • Kids Area


Our website has detailed information about ski courses, rental costs, snow activities, transportation, and more in English, Traditional Chinese, and Thai.

Ski. Board. Play. Repeat (PDF)