Real Snow Resort Campaign!!


This winter season, we will be giving away special Konotori-man goods for the first 100 visitors that upload & tag photos of Kannabe with #kannabesnow to social media.
Goods may be collected from the Hidaka Kannabe Tourism Association counter.

Mountain Openings & Closures

Closed as of February 26th

Closed as of Mar 11th

Closed as of February 28th


Ski Lessons in English

Ski Lessons
in English

Are you interested in skiing but don't have any experience? Have no fear, because at the Kannabe Snow Academy you can take beginner's skiing lessons with an English-speaking instructor!

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Snowshoe tours and hikes

Tours & Hikes

Try snowshoeing this winter! Head to the top of Mt. Kannabe, an extinct volcano with a giant crater, with a local guide and enjoy a warm snack while overlooking the Kannabe Highlands.

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Banana boat rides

Banana Boat

You’ve probably heard of banana boats on the water, but in Kannabe you can ride on one of these inflatable boats on the powdery snow! A fun and exciting experience for kids and adults alike.

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Sledding hill


At Up Kannabe there is a specially designated sledding hill that is about 150 meters long. Save your energy by taking the super kidsway magic carpet up to the top of the hill.

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Kid’s Activities

Snow Amusement Park

Take your children over to the snow amusement park for endless fun! With both a north (new this year) and a south area, there are a variety of activities for children of all ages to enjoy. These include a snow merry-go-round, inflatable slides, banana boat rides, and more!

Kidsway and Super Kidsway

Children and adults alike can go on three magic carpets (conveyor belt lifts) to get to the top of gentle hills that are great for beginners. Easy to ride, the kidsway and super kidsway can be used by children independently or together with an adult, as well as by adults themselves. On the gentle slopes by these easy-to-use lifts, guests can go skiing, snowboarding, or sledding.

3 Ski Areas

Map of Kannabe Ski Resort

Mountain Guide


View Trail Map


View Trail Map

Lift Tickets &
Rental Prices


1-day ticket
Weekdays (Mon-Fri)
Adults (16+) 3,800 yen
Kids (4-15) 3,000 yen
1-day ticket
Weekends (Sat, Sun, & Holidays)
Adults (16+) 4,500 yen
Kids (4-15) 3,000 yen
Super Kidsway 1-day ticket
(can also be used with the “Fluffy” (Inflatable) Slide & Merry-go-round at the Snow Amusement Park)
1,600 yen
Banana Boat Rafting
Adults (16+) 1,400 yen
Kids (4-15) 1,000 yen
Snowmobile Ride (10 min)
Adults (16+) 2,400 yen
(1 unit for 1-2 people)


1-day ticket
Adults (16+) 4,500 yen
Young Adults / Seniors (13-16 / 60+) 3,500 yen
Children (4-12) 2,500 yen
Kid’s Park
(Oku Kannabe Only)
1,000 yen
Snow Escalator
(Manba Only)
1,000 yen

Note: The two ski areas, Oku Kannabe & Manba, are joined by a linking lift and run. A 1-day ticket purchased at either ski area can be used to access both Oku Kannabe and Manba.

Ski Equipment (Full Set)
*Available at Up Kannabe

skis, poles, boots, jacket, pants, gloves, hat, goggles
Adults: From 6,500 yen
Kids: From 5,000 yen

Snowboard Equipment (Full Set)

board, boots, jacket, pants, gloves, hat, goggles
Adults: From 6,500 yen
Kids: From 5,000 yen


From 700 yen


Getting Here

Map of Kannabe Snow Resort in relation to Japan

Kannabe Snow Resort is located in the mountains of northern Hyogo Prefecture and boasts 3 adjacent ski areas, real snow, and quick access from Kobe, Osaka City, and Kyoto City.
Close to Kannabe are Kinosaki Onsen and Izushi, a hot spring town and a castle town, respectively.

Map of Kannabe Snow Resort in relation to the rest of the Tajima area

Coming by Public Transportation

Details on how to get to Kannabe using public transport

From Ebara Station take the ZENTAN BUS headed for Kannabe Kougen (Kannabe Highlands)
Ride the bus for about 25 to 35 minutes. Get off at the bus stop “KANNABE KOUGEN YUTOROGI” for UP KANNABE or the bus stop “YAMATA” for OKU KANNABE
*Please check with the bus company ZENTAN BUS for bus times.


Bus Guide

When switching buses at JR Ebara Station, there is a 3-minute walk between the bus stop to/from the Kannabe ski resorts and the bus stop to/from Osaka.
Below are directions for walking to and from the local bus stop (to/from the Kannabe ski resorts) and the express bus stop (to/from Osaka).

View bus route schedules
for the Kannabe ski resorts