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【Press Release】Cherry Blossoms off the Beaten Path

In just a few short months, winter in Japan will melt into spring, and reveal the coveted cherry blossoms, or sakura. Considered the national flower of Japan, sakura are prevalent in many forms of both Japanese traditional and pop culture, including music, coins, kimono, stationery, dishware, and manga. Visitors to Japan can see sakura all over, and Kinosaki Onsen and its surrounding areas are no exception.

Sakura trees will bloom depending on the temperature, weather and type of tree. Normally the trees in Kinosaki Onsen, Takeno, Izushi, and Tanto will bloom earlier than the ones at the higher elevations in the mountains of Kannabe. On average they tend to start to bloom anywhere from the last week of March to the first week of April and will bloom for about one week before falling to the elements. It is currently predicted that the cherry blossoms in Kinosaki Onsen will begin to bloom on March 31st, and will reach full bloom on April 4th.

One great place to see the sakura both during the day and at night is in Kinosaki Onsen along Kiyamachi Street near Ichino-Yu, one of the town’s seven public onsen. Sakura line the small canal and create a soft pink canopy for nearly 1 kilometer, stretching all the way back to the ropeway. At night the pink lanterns glow softly, creating a romantic atmosphere perfect for an evening stroll between onsen and shop visits.


To spread out a sheet under the cherry blossom trees and enjoying the flowers while eating a packed lunch is a traditional pastime in Japan, and is called hanami or flower-viewing. One excellent place to partake in this hanami tradition is in Izushi, our castle town. The sakura trees decorate the perimeter of the Izushi Castle ruins. Participating in hanami under the sakura trees at the foot of castle ruins is a uniquely Japanese experience that you will never forget.


Takeno, a quiet fishing village and beach area, also has many trees that blossom. Just five minutes on the JR train from Kinosaki Onsen, walk 20 minutes from Takeno Station down to the beach to witness the pinks of the sakura mixing with the blues of the Japan Sea. Hike up to the top of Mt. Jajayama to see a view of the town and the ocean bordered by cherry blossoms.

Visitors to Kinosaki Onsen can enhance their experience amongst the sakura with a yukata rental and/or a professional photoshoot activity. Although most ryokans in town offer their own yukata included in a guest’s stay, the town’s yukata shop & rental IROHA offers a wider variety with many different colors and designs. IROHA is a chic yukata rental and sales shop located in the heart of Kinosaki. Guests can choose from a wide selection of stylish yukata (both women’s and men’s) to rent for the day. Click here for more details about this activity.

In addition to this, visitors can capture their favorite memories with Kinosaki’s cherry blossoms by getting professional photos taken in their yukata. Guests meet up with a professional photographer in Kinosaki Onsen and choose some scenic spots for a photoshoot. Click here for more details about this activity.

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