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FAQ for Travel Professionals

I have some tattoos, will I be allowed in the onsens?

People with decorative body tattoos are allowed into the seven public onsens in Kinosaki.
However, some accommodations have different rules regarding their own in-house onsens. Whether or not you can use the onsen at your ryokan or hotel is at their discretion, so please check with them beforehand.

How do I get an onsen pass?

Visitors to Kinosaki who are staying at a ryokan will be given a free onsen pass at check-in (yumepa). The pass has a barcode and will give you free access to all seven hot springs. Just scan at the entrance and you can use any public hot spring. Note that your pass will only be valid until 10:00 am on the day of your checkout. The public hot springs have regular holidays. Please check this schedule.

For those only visiting Kinosaki for the day, you can purchase a pass to all 7 hot springs in Kinosaki at any of those 7 hot springs (onsen). The price of a one-day onsen pass is 1,300 yen for adults, 650 yen for children middle school age and younger, and free for children under 3 years old.

How do I get from the train station to my hotel? Is there a shuttle? How much is it?

You can take a shuttle bus from the train station to your hotel. The bus is free for people staying at a hotel or ryokan in Kinosaki.
When you arrive at the train station, walk out to the front of the station (there is only one entrance) and you will see staff directing people to the buses. Please tell them what hotel or ryokan you are staying at, they will direct you to your shuttle. If you do not see a staff member you can go over to the information counter for help with the shuttle. The information counter is in front of the station, just across the street to your left.

What are the bus shuttle times?

The shuttle bus does not have an official time schedule, instead it runs in accordance with the arrivals and departures of limited express trains. Generally the bus is available between 12:30pm and 6pm. If you are planning on arriving in Kinosaki later than 5pm, we suggest letting your ryokan/hotel know so that they can arrange to pick you up from the station if needed. There will be staff from the information counter standing in front of the station’s main entrance, they will guide guests to the shuttle bus. Please let them know what ryokan/hotel you will be staying at. If you can not find staff or the shuttle bus after you arrive, walk out of the station and across the street. You will see the “Information Counter” will be to your left.

Does Kinosaki Onsen have any special seasons?

In the area near the Sea of Japan, including Kinosaki Onsen, the snow crab season is from November 6th to March 31st. Since these expensive crabs can only be eaten during this time of year, the prices are high at most ryokan and hotels (regardless of whether or not the ryokan/hotel serves crab). In addition, it becomes difficult to make reservations for small groups or reservations without meals during this season. Please take note when making your travel plans.

What’s “SOZORO” ?

SOZORO – Kinosaki’s information and tour center is located in front of Kinosaki Onsen Station. English speaking staff is on hand to offer information on local bus times and routes. They are also knowlegable on the area. If you are looking for information on sightseeing spots in or near Kinosaki they can provide you with English pamphlets or brochures to help you. You can also sign up for various tours and activities in the area.

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