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【Press Release】Geopark Sea Kayaking on Clear Blue Waters

Just a short train ride from Kinosaki Onsen, Takeno is a beach and seaside town where one can go kayaking on blue waters and enjoy magnificent views. The town’s Geopark Sea Kayaking, known locally as “Geo Canoe”, is a popular activity offered from spring to autumn.

The activity includes exploring the scenic views of the San’in Coastal Geopark, an area that is a type of natural park containing geological heritage that has great scientific importance and value. The sea off of Takeno Beach has a high level of transparency, making it crystal clear. Taking the kayaks out in the evening and watching the sunset at sea is a particularly breathtaking sight. An instructor will accompany you and guide your tour, making it an activity that anyone can enjoy. The waves are very calm, making for easy yet exciting kayaking through the various scenic spots.

Our website currently offers two tour packages, one that includes finishing off the tour with a barbecue set.

Sea Kayaking Adventure

Mother Earth’s Sea Kayaking Adventure with BBQ Set

A hidden gem along the northern coast of Hyogo Prefecture. This beautiful beach is among the best and ranked in the top 100 beaches in Japan. Its crystal-clear waters have been given top marks by Japan’s Ministry of Environment and they stretch along clean, soft, sandy beaches. Takeno is a quiet fishing town with beautiful nature, friendly residents, and traditional houses. The town features great hiking spots with views of the ocean and the entire town, as well as canoeing and swimming in the summer.

The San’in Coastal Geopark, declared a UNESCO Global Geopark in 2010, stretches from Kyoto Prefecture (Kyotango City) to Hyogo Prefecture (Toyooka City, Kami Town, and Shin’onsen Town) to Tottori Prefecture (Iwami Town and Tottori City). With an area of 2458.44 square kilometers, the Geopark is slightly larger than the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. Takeno’s coastal area in the geopark features the Hasakari Rock and Yodo Sea Cave.

Hasakari Rock consists of three rocks that used to be one large rock with a cave that had been eroded by the waves. Further erosion caused the upper part of the cave to collapse and become stuck, creating the current natural “art” formation. The Yodo Cave is a cave on the water that you can paddle through in your kayak. It is especially pretty when the sun sets.

Geopark Sea Kayaking on Clear Blue Waters (PDF Version)