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Let's Enjoy Kinosaki and the surrounding areas together!

In order for guests to get the most out of their visit, we have formally trained local guides to be ready to support you during your stay. While being accompanied by a local guide, guests can gain a better understanding and appreciation of Kinosaki Onsen and the surrounding areas.

Who are our local guides?
Our local guides are English speakers that are trained in conducting detailed tours throughout Kinosaki Onsen and the greater Kinosaki Onsen area. All registered guides have completed training administered by the Toyooka Tourism bureau.
Available languages
Guidable areas
Kinosaki Onsen
Izushi Castle Town
Toyooka's Oriental White Stork Conservation Zone (Hyogo Park of the Oriental White Stork, Oriental White Stork Museum, Hachigoro Toshima Wetlands)
There is a fee associated with the booking of a local guide. For more details please contact the Toyooka Tourism Bureau.

Activities with a local guide included