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A Cuisine with 2 Tajima Beef Dishes and Grilled Rosy Seabass

Dinner and breakfast included

Check-in 15:00〜
Check-out 〜10:00

There are 5 different rooms in this Ryokan, you can stay relaxed. A cuisine cooked by the chef as well as the owner is popular. We have many repeat visitors, so it's better to stay weekdays. There are 2 different reservable baths for free. You can take baths outside the Ryokan as many times as you want after you check-in. Free wi-fi available.

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A cuisine with 2 Tajima beef dishes and a rosy seabass. You can choose your preferred 2 Tajima beef dishes from Tajima beef steak, beef nigiri sushi or roasted beef on bowl of rice (see photos below) This plan includes private bath, colorful yukata for female guests, coffee and seven public hot spring baths. Menu -5 kinds of assorted appetizers -fresh sashimi seafood caught on the day -your preferred 2 Tajima beef dishes (Tajima beef steak, beef nigiri sushi or roasted beef on bowl of rice. -local crab (half) -Japanese glass shrimp flame grilled in an earthenware -daily special dish -steamed dish with seasonal ingredients -soup -dessert (Dishes and ingredients vary and change depending on the season) *If you are a group with more than 4 people, we might ask you to have dinner at dinning room instead of your room. Spring Kaiseki rosy seabass dinner with your choice of Tajima beef dishes. 【のどぐろ付きの春うららver.会席】と【人気但馬牛料理が2品選べる】プランです ☆☆人気の但馬牛 2品をお選びください☆☆ 【ステーキ&炙りにぎり&牛とろ丼】 メニュー ●季節の前菜5種 ●朝とれ鮮魚のお造り3種 ●但馬牛2品選択【Aステーキ B炙りにぎり C牛とろ丼】 ●香住ガニ半丁 (●白えび焙烙焼)要英訳  ●ノドグロの塩焼き  ●日替わり地魚一品料理 ●季節の蒸し物  ●吸い物  ●デザート ※当日の仕入れにより(悪天候)料理内容を変更する場合がございます。 ※4名様~別部屋でのお食事をお願いする場合がございます。 以下、要英訳 ◇全客室、女性に嬉しい広々洗面室&ウォシュレットトイレ♪ ◆女性には素敵な色浴衣貸し出し無料♪ ◇館内二箇所のNEW貸切風呂はもちろん無料! ◆もちろん、外湯めぐりはチケットで何度でも♪

Tajima beef steak bite

Tajima beef nigiri sushi

roasted beef on bowl of rice with grated yam potato

boiled half-sized crab caught at local port

Modern Japanese style room.  

Max capacity:2〜4persons

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Additional fee notice
I'm sorry, but We don't accept children.
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About service fees and taxes
The price is included tax and a service charge.
please pay 150yen as a bath tax.
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3~5 days before (30%)
1~2 days before (60%)
On the day (100%)
cancellation without prior notice (100%)

*Please notify us immediately of any cancellations or changes.
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