LOCATION: Takeno; 9km from Kinosaki Onsen. Accessible by train (Takenoa Sta.) and bus.


Rejuvenated “Yu-course“ Plan with Basic Kaiseki-course.【遊コース】

Dinner and breakfast included

Check-in 15:00〜
Check-out 〜10:00

Uminone, newly opened in April, 2016, is the inn specialized in beautiful scenery and gourmet food that reactivate your five senses, and also focusing to provide all our guests body and mind refreshing time.

Uminone is a place for relaxation, so there is no TV facilitated in your room to offer you a peaceful time just listening to a sound of the nature and your body.

For meals, we offer only locally produced ingredients that are delicious and good for your health and beauty. Seasonal seafood we serve is caught in the local Takeno, Shibayama or Kasumi fishing port. Vegetables are also grown in local fields. The premium pork dish served on a hot pot is known as collagen dish that contains ingredients (soy milk, ginger and soft-shelled turtle (Trionychidae) which are all good for your beauty

Takeno hot spring contains higher concentration of salt, which makes the skin smooth and silky, boosting your body beauty.

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Yu-course Plan with Kaiseki dinner.

If you are planning a fun-break at the seaside to treat your tired body made by work, here is an exciting plan for you. It features one night lodging with original Kaiseki dinner and healthy breakfast. There is an optional canoeing tour exploring hidden scenic spots. It will be sure to make you feel like being in somewhere fantastic you never been. Canoeing tour is not including in this plan, please make sure that you separately make a booking for the tour. ##Dinner -Three kinds of Sashimi (fresh seafood caught at near by port) -Charcoal grilled dish (seasonal seafood and local Tajima chicken) -The Kansai novelty! Premium pork served on a collagen plate -Brown rice -Soup -Hand-made dessert ##Breakfast Menu -Grilled dried fish (seasoned with salt and aired by the sea breeze) -Small dish -Fruit smoothie flavored with soy milk and sweetened shake. -Miso-soup with broth of shell -Raw egg from well-known restaurant called Marutan in Tanto -Salad buffet included ##Benefits -JPN 1000yen discount for optional Geo-conue and G-SUP experience. -Indoor hot spring bath is free for private use (condition apply) -10 hair shampoo selections -Café "YUMURA Kuukan" is open for all guests. ##More adventure tours presented by Beach House MERI [Geo-canoe Tour] It is an adventure tour around the San`in Kaigan Geopark area, located in Takeno. canoeing tour is to explore the hidden scenic spot. [G-SUP Tour] SUP is the abbreviation of [Stand-Up Paddle Surfing]. SUP, born at Waikiki Beach (Hawaii), is a paddling activity, while standing on a big surf board. Reservation required Feel free to ask any questions. ##Sightseeing area around us (expected time by car) -Kinosaki Marine World (15 minutes) -Kinosaki Onsen / Genbudo / Hyogo park of the oriental white stork (20 minutes) -Kasumi Brewing (30 minutes) -Izushi Castle Town (60 minutes) -Takeda Castle(Japanese machu picchu) (90 minutes) 。・゜・。。・゜・。。・゜・。。・゜・。・゜・。。・゜・。 毎日毎日、仕事に追われて疲れが溜まる・・・ 「なんか楽しいことないかなぁ〜」が口癖なあなた! さざ波の音を楽しむお宿で癒され、翌日はカヌーで秘境へお出かけ★ まるで外国に来たような感動体験をして刺激的な旅行に! 。・゜・。。・゜・。。・゜・。。・゜・。・゜・。。・゜・。 ※カヌープランは別途お申し込みとなります。 ▼夕食おしながき一例▼ ・刺身3種盛り(但馬で水揚げされた新鮮な魚介類) ・炉端で炙る季節の炭火焼き(但馬鶏など4種) ・関西初!コラーゲンプレートで食べる八鹿豚 ・黒米ごはん、手作りデザート  他 全8種 ▼朝食おしながき一例▼ ・ふっくら干物(潮風をあびた絶妙の塩加減♪) ・小鉢(炊きものなど) ・女子に優しい豆乳甘酒フルーツスムージー ・但馬の漁師味の魚貝入りお味噌汁 ・まるたん生卵 ・ビュッフェ形式のサラダ ▼宿泊者さま特典▼ ・ジオカヌー・G-SUPが1,000円OFFで体験可能! ・内湯(竹野温泉)貸切無料(混雑状況によりご希望に添えない場合もあり) ・シャンプーバー(話題のシャンプー10種類以上取り揃え♪) ・館内の『YURUMU空間』ご利用 ▼直営の“海の家メリAdventureTours”プレゼンツ▼ 【ジオカヌーツアー】 ・・・カヌーでしか行けない秘境の地や大自然を感じるダイナミックスポットを巡る☆ 【G-SUPツアー】(Stand Up Puddleの略) ・・・ハワイ発祥!大きめのサーフボード上に立ち、パドルで漕ぎながら海上をお散歩☆ 要予約・お気軽にお問い合わせください♪ ▼周辺観光(車での所要時間)▼ 城崎マリンワールド(15分) 城崎温泉/玄武洞/妊活スポット「コウノトリの郷公園」(20分) 香住鶴酒造(30分)・出石城下町(60分)・天空の城・竹田城(90分)

The Kansai novelty! Premium pork served on a collagen plate.

Charcoal grilled dish (seasonal seafood and local Tajima chicken)

Relaxing time just listening to the sound of waves from sea and nature.

Geo-park canoe tour.

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A separate charge for hot spring taxes will be added, JPY150 per person
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