Nishimuraya Honkan

With 150 years of history, rated as the "Best Onsen Ryokan" in Lonely Planet, Japan.


Seasonal Cuisine - Traditional Japanese Kaiseki

Dinner and breakfast included

Check-in 15:00〜
Check-out 〜11:00

Traditional Japanese-style inn with over 150 years of history. Nishimuraya Honkan is rated as the "Best Onsen Ryokan" in the Lonely Planet Japan travel guide. Enjoy our traditional-style guest rooms, expansive Japanese garden, soothing onsen baths, and delicious kaiseki course dinners.

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Additional fee notice
Children 10~12 years(70% charge of adults)
*Includes children portioned dinner, bedding, yukata, and breakfast.
Children 7~9 years (50% charge of adults)
*Includes children style dinner, bedding, yukata, and breakfast.
Children 1~6 are not charged if they do not require any meals or bedding.
*If children 1~6 require any of the following a separate fee will be charged accordingly:
Bedding and yukata JPY 2,625
Children's lunch JPY 3,150
Breakfast JPY 1,575

About service fees and taxes
Consumption tax is included in the total price.
There will be a separate charge of 150JPY/person for bath taxes.
Cancellation charges
Cancellation fees start 3 days before reservation date.
No show(100%), Day of(50%), 3 days before(20%)
Please notify us of any cancellations as soon as possible.

Internet cancellation
Cancellations are taken 00:00am 3 days

Reservation inquiry or cancellation