Snow Land

LOCATION: Kannabe; 30km from Kinosaki Onsen. Accessible by train (Ebara Sta.) and bus.


One of our popular full course plans through the year. Homemade focaccia is loved for its soft and springy texture.

Dinner and breakfast included

「■Well-reputed Plan! A Full Course Meal with Sirloin Steak. (〜2017年06月30日まで)」プラン詳細を見る

We are proud to offer well-marbling Tajima beef whose sweetness sprays in your mouth. All award-winning Tajima beef we serve is produced by Ueda farm.

Dinner and breakfast included

「■Premium Tajima Beef “Tajima-Guro” Shabu-shabu Dinner Plan(〜2017年06月30日まで)」プラン詳細を見る