Hotel Kinparo

LOCATION: Toyooka; 4.5km from Kinosaki Onsen. Accessible by Bus.


【Kuroge Wagyu beef] × 【Fresh abalone】 × 【Seasonal fish Sashimi】 ★ Urashima's dinner plan ★浦島の膳

Dinner and breakfast included

Check-in 15:00〜
Check-out 〜10:00

Nestled in a corner of Sanin Kaigan National Park, all of our hotel buildings command a view of the Sea of Japan. Green pine trees, blue water and the white waves crashing into the rocks make an exquisite color contrast to Japan's coastline.

The hot springs in this inn contain a wealth of minerals such as sodium, calcium and chloride. These elements are said to be good for health.

We prepare delicious 'Kaiseki-ryori' meals cooked with fresh seafood and ingredients from Tajima. The hotel is adjacent to Kinosaki Marine World and only a 10-minute drive from Kinosaki Hot Spring resort. Please make the most of our convenient location.

We love to talk to our guests to make their time precious and special. We want to ensure that every moment of your day is a memorable one.

Bus from Kinosaki Onsen Sta.
I (approx. 10 mins by bus)

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Kuroge Wagyu beef steamed shabu-shabu

Assorted Sashimi of seasonal fish directly from the fish market, and Hotel’s specialty of Kuroge Wagyu beef with fine marble steamed with koji (rice-malt), it intertwined well to make taste better. Fresh abalone grilled with our original sauce in a ceramic pan. It is a menu that surely makes you feel local colors. We serve your dinner at dining “San” where you can enjoy more than 20 kinds of alcohol drinks including local sake, shochu and wine ■ Dinner ■ ※ spring menu Aperitif Appeitizer (7 kinds), Seasonal Sashimi (4 kinds of seasonal fish), Kuroge Wagyu beef steamed with Koji (rice-malt) plum flavor, boiled vegetable in bonito-flavoured soy sauce, Steamed miced fish and sticky rice with starchy sauce, Grilled fresh abalone in a ceramic pan, Vinegared dish with octopus, Koshihikari rice, Chef’s original Japanese-style dessert. ■ Kid’s meal ■ • Children between 10 to 12 do not have an aperitif, appeitizer, Steamed miced fish and sticky rice with starchy sauce. • Kids’s meal for children between 7 to 9. ■ Breakfast ■ All-you-can-eat style breakfast featuring mainly Japanese dishes using locally grown vegetables and other ingredients. If you stay in upgrade room Toki-Jiku, dining room for breakfast is separated to other guests so that you can have more private time. Japanese set breakfast is possibly served as you request. *Menu is subject to change to Japanese style set menu depend on condition of business. Thank you for your understanding. -SPECIAL Half price for admission to the Kinosaki Marine World (aquariums). Adult JPN 2470yen to 1200yen. The ticket can be used from the day you arrive to your departure day. Once you enter it, you can re-enter anytime you like. Moreover, guests staying more than two nights receive a free admission ticket for the Kinosaki Marine World (aquariums). -NOTE- -With this plan, Canadian or Alaska froze crabs are used. -The dinner menu listed above is partly changed December 31, to January 3 into New Year menu. -For group of guests more than 7 people, we might arrange a separated dining room. -If you are with a child (children) under 3 years old, please let us know in advance. (No charge for children under 3 years old) - Hot spring tax per person/night (adults only, JPY150) will be charged. 市場直送の旬魚のお造り盛合せや、ほどよくサシの入った黒毛 和牛のロース肉を使用し、麹と一緒に蒸しあげ、肉の旨みと 麹のフレーバーが絶妙に絡み合う、当ホテル名物の蒸シャブや、 オリジナルのソースで焼く活あわびの陶板焼など、山海の美味と 地元色を感じさせる献立です。 ご夕食は、地酒20種をはじめとして、焼酎、ワイン等お飲物を 豊富に取り揃えた、ダイニング『餐』にてご用意しております。 ■ご夕食■   ※春メニュー  食前酒替り  宴 菜  旬彩7種盛  お造り  季節の魚貝4種  強 肴  国産黒毛和牛梅麹蒸し  箸 休  お浸し  蓋 物  旬魚道明寺蒸し  焜 炉  活あわびの陶板焼   止 肴  小蛸とフルーツ生酢  御 飯  但馬産こしひかり  香 物  留 椀  水 物  料理長特製和風デザート ■お子様料理■  ・小学校高学年のお子様には、食前酒替り、宴菜、蓋物がつきません。  ・小学校低学年のお子様はお子様ランチ ■ご朝食■  ご朝食は地物野菜や和食を中心としたブッフェ(バイキング)をご用意  しております。  また、渚の館 時じくをご利用のお客様は、ゆっくりお召上がり頂ける  ダイニングにて「和朝食」もお選び頂けます。 ※閑散日には、全てのお客様のご朝食を和定食とさせて頂く場合がございます。  予め、ご了承くださいませ。 ■ご利用特典■ 城崎マリンワールド入場料半額券プレゼント。大人2470円⇒1200円に! ご宿泊当日からご出発までご利用可能です。一度入れば何度でも再入場もできます。 さらに2泊以上申込みのお客様には「マリンワールド入場ご招待券」を進呈いたします。 ※ご夕食はダイニング『餐』にてお召し上がりいただきます。 ※お料理は季節毎に、一部内容を変えてご提供しております。 ※7名様以上の場合、お客様専用会食場をご用意する場合がございます。 ※3歳~5歳のお子様に幼児施設使用料1,080円頂戴致します。

Dining on the cape ‘San’

Open-air hot spring overviewing the Sea of Japan

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An extra charge of JPY 150 per person for hot spring taxes will be added separately.
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No show 100%
Cancellations made the day of 100%
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Notice: Cancellations for groups of 15 or more will be charged 30% for cancellations made 5 days in advance. (Except in case of emergency)
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