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【Press Release】Cycling in Kinosaki’s Countryside

While travelers can get wrapped up in their bucket-lists of places to visit in Japan during their vacation, these efforts can make them miss the quieter, unique charms of the countryside waiting right around the corner. After visitors explore the booming metropolis of Tokyo and the traditional temples of Kyoto, we always encourage just a 2 1/2-hour journey from Kyoto or Osaka to Kinosaki Onsen. But the quiet, traditional atmosphere does not end with our hot spring town.

To see the quiet neighborhoods, vast rice fields, and sparkling rivers, go on a cycling tour during your stay. We offer two cycling tours: one right in Kinosaki Onsen, and the other in the Kannabe Highlands.

On the first tour, start in Kinosaki and discover breathtaking landscapes located just a short bike ride away! On this tour, you’ll meet up with an English-speaking guide in Kinosaki and bike together past lush green rice paddies, quaint rural homes, and along the Maruyama River. See sights best reached by bike that very few tourists find, as well as the mythical Dragon Palace (from the Japanese folklore of Urashima Taro) atop a small island out at sea. Learn history and see places not found in any English guidebooks or websites from your guide!

On the tour out in the Kannabe Highlands, cycle along vast rice fields, cultivated farmlands, and villages in between broad-leaved trees, together with a guide who has extensive knowledge of area. While cycling, harvest and collect ingredients grown in the rich nature of the Kannabe Highlands and sold in various local shops. Afterwards, enjoy cooking your ingredients at Rin-en Farm, a spacious area with vegetables that you will pick for your meal! Refresh the body and mind when stopping by the Hattan Falls, a waterfall created naturally by a group of volcanoes, as well as a cave which exhales cool wind from its opening.

From September to November, have even more fun during your adventure with apple picking! Before the cycling, you’ll head over to an area where you’ll pick Fuji, Tsugaru, Kannabe Sweet, and Himekami apples.

For this activity, guests must take a JR train from Kinosaki Onsen Station to Ebara Station, where they will meet their guide. Their guide will then take them to Nanairo, the Kannabe Nature School (or to the apple picking location if included).

Participants will be provided with a rental bicycle, helmet, pouch for small belongings, and lunch. Put this on your list of places to visit once the world is safer and healthier!

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