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Sakura – Hidden Gems of Northern Kansai

6 DAYS & 4 NIGHTS (Group Model Course)
Start of April to mid-April


DURATION:6 DAYS & 4 NIGHTS (Group Model Course)

Day Place Highlights
Day 1 Airport of Departure
Day 2 Kansai International Airport (KIX) Arrive at KIX, collect your luggage, and rendezvous at the bus.
Monjudo & Kaisenkyo
Amanohashidate Tour Amanohashidate Winery and enjoy a lunch buffet. Sightsee and view the famous land bridge known as the "Bridge to Heaven" from the top of Kasamatsu Park.
Ine Take a 25 minute boat ride from Amanohashidate to Ine no Funaya. Visit Ine Fishing Village and see its picturesque boathouses lined up along the water.
Tango Matsujima The picturesque scenery of Tango Matsujima is named after Matsujima, one of Japan’s 3 great views.
Taiza Visit the hot spring and stay the night at Totoya. If requested, it is possible to compare and taste different craft sake with dinner at your hotel.
Day 3 Taiza Nigiri sushi activity and breakfast
Toyooka Strawberry picking and lunch at Maruzen, a popular yakiniku restaurant.
Hiyoriyama Visit the seaside aquarium Marine World. From the parking lot you can also take pictures of the Palace of the Dragon King.
Kinosaki Onsen Stroll around this hot spring town in a yukata, visit the many hot springs and ride the ropeway to the top of the mountain for a spectacular view.
*In the case of bad weather, a straw art workshop will be held instead.
Day 4 Genbudo Rock Formation Visit the basalt caves and museum of Genbudo.
Toyooka See the Homeland of the Oriental White Stork, a natural national treasure. Then go shopping along Caban street.
Izushi Try the local specialty, Sara Soba, for lunch and view the sakura at Izushi Castle Ruins.
Kannabe Highlands Lava flow formation walk
Yumura Onsen Boil eggs in the hot spring waters and visit a foot bath.
Day 5 Himeji Castle Sightsee around the castle and have Himeji Oden near Himeji Castle for lunch.
Osaka City Travel to Osaka City for sightseeing, shopping and dinner at a place of your choice.
Day 6 Kansai International Airport (KIX) Complete departure procedures and depart from Japan.

Day 1

Depart at night from the airport in your nearby city and fly overnight to Kansai International Airport.

Day 2

After you arrive at Kansai International Airport you will be taken to Amanohashidate, also known as the Bridge to Heaven. Here you will take the cable car to the observation deck where you can look over the land bridge Amanohashidate. Afterwards you will head down and catch a boat, the boat will take you to Ine. Here you can sightsee around the fishing village famous for its boat houses.
  • Breakfast

    In-flight Meal

  • Lunch

    Vegetable Centered Buffet

  • Dinner

    Fish Cuisine

Featured Accommodation

Family-run inn Totoya is located in Kyotango, just 50 meters from the beach and just 16.1 km from Yuhigaura Onsen. The rooms have great views of the rustic landscape of pine trees and the beach.

Day 3

Travel to Kinosaki Onsen Town and Toyooka. Go strawberry picking and then have lunch at Maruzen Yakiniku Restaurant. In the afternoon you will visit the seaside aquarium, Marine World. Then head over to the hot spring town Kinosaki Onsen where you will take the gondola up to the top of the mountain and enjoy a view the town. While in Kinosaki Onsen enjoy a stroll down the streets lined with cherry blossoms, visit several hot springs and take in the town's sites, all while wearing a yukata.
  • Breakfast

    Japanese Cuisine

  • Lunch
    Maruzen Yakiniku

    Korean BBQ, Yakiniku

  • Dinner

    Japanese Banquet

Day 4

Travel to the nearby Genbudo Park and Museum to view the national natural monuments, basalt caves created from cooled magma.
From there you will go to the Homeland of the Oriental White Stork. A research institution for breeding and reintroduction of the Oriental White Stork, a special natural monument of Japan. Here you can view the storks, called Kounotori, up close.
Afterwards, take time to visit the local shops along Caban street in Toyooka.
Lunch will be in Izushi, a castle town. Here you can enjoy the local specialty, sara soba or plated buckwheat noodles. Then stroll around the castle grounds while viewing the cherry trees here.
After Izushi, take a scenic drive up to Kannabe Mountains. Along the way you will pass by several cherry blossoms. Here you will join walk along a lava flow formation in Kannabe highlands. Lastly, you will go to Yumura Onsen, another hot spring town.
  • Breakfast

    Japanese Cuisine

  • Lunch

    Izushi Soba

  • Breakfast

    Japanese Beef Cuisine

Featured Accommodation

A 3 minute walk from the train station is a hidden retreat. We offer 3 free private baths, a beauty salon, and a delicious breakfast.

Day 5

View the beautiful cherry blossoms that cover the Himeji Castle grounds. For lunch try Himeji Oden near the castle.
Then, in the evening travel to Osaka and enjoy the sights, some shopping and sightseeing before you depart tomorrow.
  • Breakfast

    Japanese Cuisine

  • Lunch

    Himeji Oden

  • Dinner
    Your Choice

    Your Choice

Day 6

Complete departure procedures and depart from Japan.
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch

    In-Flight Meal