Izushi Sara Soba Coupon Deal

With over 40 soba restaurants in Izushi, an ancient castle town just south of Kinosaki Onsen, gourmet travelers and novice foodies alike will delight in the chance to try not just one, but three different soba restaurants with this special coupon!

  • ・Show this coupon to the staff at SOZORO, a tourist information center in Kinosaki Onsen (Address: 96 Kinosakicho Yushima, Toyooka, Hyogo 669-6101).
  • ・Pay for the coupon deal and receive a paper voucher.
  • ・Show the paper voucher to the staff at Karoyashiki, a samurai house in Izushi.
  • ・The staff at Karoyashiki will give you three retro-style Eiraku Tsuho coins. These are what you will give the staff at the soba restuarants you choose to visit!
  • ・One coin is good for three plates of soba at any of the participating shops.
  • ・Entrance to Karoyashiki is also included in this deal!


Click below for the link to the coupon!

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