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Kawaguchiya Kinosaki Riverside Hotel

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Lodging Name Kawaguchiya Kinosaki Riverside Hotel
Reservation made on 2023/12/11 (Mon)
Check-in Date 2022/12/07 (Wed)
Plan [Prime winter gourmet◆ Crab kaiseki course] [ 1 live crab included] Enjoy various menus such as miso crab innards grilled with shell
Room Type Japanese-style Room
Number of Rooms

*Please make a separate reservation if you want to reserve a different style room or plan.

Number of Guests staying
1st room
Number of Guests staying
Children 7~12 years old
Children 1~6 years old(with meals and bedding)
Children 1~6 years old(with bedding)
Plan Options
vegetarian meals
Please let me know what will you can eat and How many people? Please write your replies in the comment box.
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