Caban Street Premium Coupons

Caban Street, located in Toyooka City and Japan’s largest producer of bags, has started selling limited-time-only premium coupon tickets!

Available for purchase at Toyooka Kaban Artisan Avenue and Kaban Station until September 21 2022, visitors who purchase a premium coupon will receive a value of 20% off purchases on Caban Street.

The premium coupon can be purchased for 5,000 JPY, and comes with a value of 6,000 JPY.

A limit of 10 coupons can be purchased at once. One coupon consists of 12 tickets worth 500 JPY that can be used at any of the following stores below:

Atelier Kagen (bags)
Sakura Chaya (drinks)
ima CAFE (food, gifts)
me-rice (food)
Alter Ego (bags)
Mankatsu (clothing)
Kaban Station (bags)
Matsuya (bags, clothing)
Tanaka Pottery (pottery)
PERM IN OTANI (hair salon)
Rock Candy (clothing, cafe)
Members COOL (drinks)
Bar Re:plus (drinks)
Inoko (food)
Red Wood (home goods)
Flux K (bags, accessories)
Kanezaki Jewelry (accessories, jewelry)
Bankan Yuraku (food)
Alter Ego MATIC (cafe, wallets)
Atelier nuu (bags)
Toyobra (bags, gifts)
Toyooka KABAN Artisan Avenue (bags)
Kinugawa (bag cleaning)
Apartment (bags)
Boutique Croissant (clothing)
Toyomi (clothing)
THE PLAN (bags)
Kouzeki Gallery (photo studio, chiropractics)
Maison Def (bags)
todo bien coffee (cafe, gifts)
Wine and Kitchen S (food)
Caban St Creation (bags)
Arumi Masumi (bags)

*A limit of 4000 coupons are available for purchase, and they may become sold out before September 21 2022.

*Coupons can be used until September 21 2022.

*Coupons that have expired cannot be refunded.