LOCATION: Takeno; 9km from Kinosaki Onsen. Accessible by train (Takenoa Sta.) and bus.


"Nekozaki" is an inn, surrounded by nature, located only ten seconds from the Takeno beach. Nekozaki Peninsula, found in Takeno near Takeno Hama Beach, juts out into the Sea of Japan and is the northern most point in Hyogo Prefecture. Nekozaki, in Japanese means crouching cat and looks like such from inland. The locals also give it the nickname of Kewpie because it looks like a sleeping Kewpie from the coast to the east of the peninsula, the head being the tip of the peninsula.

Here is a good place for marine sports in summer. We give you a lot of experiences safely and securely. snorkeling guide and guides of sea taxis can be arranged too, so contact us for any requests.

For guests staying at the inn we offer a free Onsen ticket for Kitamaekan hot spring.

Japanese-style Room sizes from 13m^2

Max capacity: 1~5 persons