A 3 minute walk from the train station is a hidden retreat. We offer 3 free private baths, a beauty salon, and a delicious breakfast.


Mikuni Inn's personal image:
1. Affordable prices 2. Immaculate 3. Delicious seasonal cuisines

We are a medium sized Japanese inn compared to the other inns in Kinosaki.
We strive every day to provide the best of services so that we may stand out and above the rest.

To assure that our guests feel relaxed and at ease:
We have 3 reservable private baths, free of course.
Dinner is served in the guest's rooms, letting them enjoy the meal in private and at their own pace.

How we help our guests melt away their fatigue and worries.
Our inn is equipped with a beauty spa offering different esthetics, like massages staring at JPY4,000 for 40 minutes.

We also welcome families with children.
Every room has its own DVD player so that you can bring and watch your favorite DVDs(*plays only region 2 DVDs). We also have DVDs available at the front desk. We also lend child sized yukatas(cotton kimonos) and jimbei(for boys).

All ingredients in our dishes are grown locally, making for even more delicious meals.

Wi-Fi available.

Japanese style room (non smoking)

Max capacity: 1~6 persons

All of the rooms are non smoking room equipped with T.V., DVD player, western restroom with bidet, refrigerator.

Other amenities: Toothbrush, yukata(cotton kimono), small and large towels, small bag to carry your necessities for visiting the open-air public hot springs in the town, and hairdryer.
Shavers, shower caps, combs and any other amenities not found in your room can be picked up from the front desk.