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Guesthouse & Bar Hitotomaru

Guesthouse & Bar Hitotomaru


LOCATION: Takeno; 9km from Kinosaki Onsen. Accessible by train (Takenoa Sta.) and bus.


"Hitotomaru" is a small guest house and bar opened on April 29, 2017 located just one minute walk away to the beautiful Sea of Japan. It is the inn that we have our own selves renovated an old building which has been unoccupied for 10 years.

In accordance with the townscape, characteristics and attractiveness of town, we used Yaki-sugi (burned cedar boards) for exterior walls and painted the plaster on the interior. We hope that the bar on the first floor will be the place where people who stay can interact with locals. The bar remains good old atmospheres as it used to be. (available from 16:00)

For the guestrooms on the 2nd floor, we used natural materials which are gentle to body to make all guests spend comfortably. We give drink ticket to each guest for free. Please choose your favorite one and let us know at the time of check-in.

Room B

Max capacity: 1~4 persons