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Kannabe Volcano Mountain
Kannabe Mountain

Living with an old fire breather

  • Kannabe Mountains Volcano Hike Crater
  • Guided snowshoe hike up Kannabe Volcano winter

A small mountain town in the highlands of the town of Hidaka in northern Hyogo prefecture. Surrounded by mountains and open fields under a spacious sky that fills with stars at night, the lack of city lights makes them shine bright.

In Kannabe you will find the crater of the Kansai region’s youngest, but extinct, volcano. The geological features of this volcano are used by locals such as being able to ski and snowshoe down the old volcano, soil is made of volcanic ash and is used for upland farming, and old lava tunnels are used as natural refrigerators by local farmers to store their crops.

Part of the UNESCO Global Geopark
  • Kannabe Mountains Volcano Hike lava flow
  • Kannabe Mountains Volcano Hike lava flow
  • Kannabe Ase Ravin Waterfall hike

Volcanic activity up till 25,000 years ago has given the area beautiful and scenic terrain. The magma that flowed from the volcano traveled from Kannabe to the main river, Maruyama River, creating cascading waterfalls and lava trails well worth hiking. Some of the noted spots that are also part of the San’in Kaigan UNESCO Global Geopark are Mt. Kannabe (where you can hike up to the mouth of the volcano crater), Hattandaki Waterfalls, lava tunnels and more.

Stay active all year round
Kannabe Mountains winter sledding snow

Kannabe is the best place in northern Hyogo to go if you are looking for outdoor activities or to get in tune with nature. Hiking courses are open from early spring to late autumn and will take you along old lava flows, pristine rivers with moss-covered boulders, and through lush forests that turn beautiful reds and golds in the autumn. There are also nature schools and companies that offer the chance to snowshoe on some of the hiking trails in winter.
The cold and snow-packed outdoors shouldn't keep you from the mountains, it should actually draw you towards them. Kannabe has 3 ski resorts that are perfect for various experience levels.
Families, couples, and solo travelers will have no trouble finding something to do year-round. Other activities include: outdoor cooking, recreational tree climbing, paragliding, camping, and much more.

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