Yurisan Gallery Summer/Autumn 2022 Schedule

Yurisan Gallery, a free local-run art exhibition on Toyooka’s Caban Street, welcomes visitors to come and appreciate the works of local artists during their stay in Toyooka.

May 19~June 8: Toyooka Atelier Insitute of Painting

June 9~June 29: Toyooka South Middle School

June 30~July 20: Wada Noriko

July 21~August 10: Sakata Yoichi (shearing)

August 11~August 31: Akazawa Masumi (oil paintings)

September 1~September 14: Matsuda Sumiko (watercolor paintngs)

September 15~September 28: Watercolor palletes

September 29~October 12: Fumie Tomoda