April 10th (Wed) - Late April

Tanto Tulip Festival 2019

Every year since 1992, the countryside town of Tanto holds the Tanto Tulip Festival. This festival is held from the middle to the end of April, the exact dates depending on the blooming of the flowers. The Tanto Tulip Festival displays approximately 1,000,000 planted tulips that come in about 300 different types. These tulips are of many colors, and are planted in neat rows perfect for admiring and taking photos.

100,000 of these tulips are used to create a giant popular image, different every year. Some examples include a panda in 2008, the confectionery store brand Peko-chan in 2016, and Toyooka’s mascot Gen-san in 2018. Visitors can explore and take photos both in the tulip fields and up on an observation deck. The event also features photo contests, a local goods bazaar, and more! Entry is 700 yen for visitors high school age and older. There are buses that go to Tanto, but driving is highly recommended!