August 6th (Fri) - 16th (Mon)

Tanto Sunflower Festival 2021

Although the countryside of Tanto is known for its tulips in the spring, it also boasts bright sunflowers in the summer!

Since 2001, visitors have been able to view over 500,000 sunflowers at the Tanto Flower Park. They were first planted in order for locals and travelers alike to enjoy the flowers of summer. Like the Tanto Tulip Festival, this event is held in the rich nature of Tanto to raise awareness of environmental beautification, to foster a love for nature and a respect for life, and to create a community where children can look at even a single flower blooming in the field.

Entry fee: 500 yen for high school age and older
Dates: August 6th – 16th (subject to change based on flower conditions)
Time: 9:00-16:00
Location: Tanto Flower Park