Takeno Summer Bus

From July 16 to August 21, a special summertime shuttlebus will be running from Takeno Station all around to Takeno’s best summertime sights! Check out the list below for some ways to enhance your Takeno getaway with the help of the summer bus:

・Enjoy camping at Benten Beach (Benten Beach stop)

・Refresh at one of Japan’s top 100 beaches (Takeno Beach stop)

・Take a summertime hot spring soak at Kitamaekan (Takeno/Takeno Beach Stops)

・Hike Nekozaki Peninsula, the northernmost point in Hyogo Prefecture (Takeno/Takeno Beach Stops)

・Learn about Takeno’s geological history at the Kazemachi Museum (Takeno/Takeno Beach Stops)

・Create a seaglass and gel candle at Takeno Children’s Experience Village (Children’s Experience Village Stop)

・Take a scenic lunch break at Mount Jaja (Children’s Experience Village Stop)

・Get lost during a walk through Takeno’s quaint neighborhood of traditionally burnt wooden houses (a staple of a seaside town) (Takeno Shinbashi Stop)

・Have a free art viewing at Oyojikan and learn about Takeno’s relationship with calligraphy (Takeno Shinbashi Stop)