Oct 5th, Oct 6th, Oct 26th, Oct 27th, Nov 23rd, Nov 24th, Nov 30th, Dec 1st, Dec 7th

Free Traditional Cultural Activities in Local Villages

The University of Hyogo is offering FREE one-time tours for international tourists to interact with local common people in their own homes and try a cultural and traditional activity of their expertise. In the rural area around Kinosaki, many traditional houses and lives still remain. These spots will give you the chance to experience authentic Japanese common people’s lives which you cannot experience in urban areas. Since it is usually difficult for international tourists to enter locals’ houses and interact with them, this is a very special opportunity. In this tour, you will be able to enjoy a program involving interaction with local people by their arrangement. Come see another side of Japan, make great memories, and learn about Japanese people’s lives through this tour!

Please see more information about the activity schedules and signing up here.

Oct. 5th (Sat): Traditional weaving in a rural house, reserve by Sept. 30th (Mon)

Oct. 6th (Sun): Etegami (a Japanese traditional picture letter) making, reserve by Sept. 30th (Mon)

Oct. 26th (Sat): Cook and taste traditional Japanese food, reserve by Oct. 21st (Mon)

>Oct. 27th (Sun): Learn shamisen & taiko (traditional Japanese instruments), reserve by Oct. 21st (Mon)

Nov. 23rd (Sat): Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement), reserve by Nov. 18th (Mon)

Nov. 24th (Sun): Otedama (traditional Japanese bean bag dolls) making, reserve by Nov. 18th (Mon)

Check out the special plan for this activity that includes a one night stay at one of two ryokan in Kinosaki Onsen.

Nov. 30th (Sat): Kimono cloth craft (cutting and sewing), reserve by Nov. 25th (Mon)

Dec. 1st (Sun): Wear kimono and learn traditional Japanese dance, reserve by Nov. 25th (Mon)

Dec. 7th (Sat): Create and wear Noh (traditional theatre) mask (made of cloth), reserve by Dec. 2nd (Mon)