Feb. Toyooka Art Season Schedule

Toyooka Citizen’s Hall
20-34 Tachinocho, Toyooka, Hyogo
・2/12 7th Valentine Piano Concert
Toyooka Creative Community Plaza
4−5 Aity 7th Floor, Otemachi, Toyooka, Hyogo
2/12 Butoh Performance of Ikko Tamura from Dairakudakan Company
Kinosaki International Arts Center
1062 Yushima, Kinosaki, Toyooka, Hyogo
・2/3, 4, 6 Ayane Nakagawa / Suichu-Megane + VONNOS + Junpei Hamada “1991 ~ The grass is always greener on the other side~(Working title)” Open Studio
・2/25~26 Satoko Ichihara / Q “New Creation” Reading Session
・A Walk Through the Space-Time Continuum in Takeno
Toyooka City Museum of Art
98 Uchimachi, Izushi, Toyooka, Hyogo
・1/28~2/5 The 31st Izushi High School Graduation Works Exhibition
・2/11~28 Toyooka Young Artists Exhibition
・2/18~3/12 Watercolor Class Artwork Exhibition
Toyooka Museum of History
808 Nyou, Hidaka, Toyooka, Hyogo
・12/2~4/11 The 55th Planned Exhibition “Snow and People’s Lives”
・12/2~4/11 The 45th Mini PLanned Exhibition “Magatama”
Japan Mongolia Folk Museum
711 Nakayama, Tanto, Toyooka, Hyogo
・11/13~4/18 The 88th Planned Exhibition “Ancient Mongolian Rock Painting : 10,000 Years of World History ~ Seeking the Roots of Chinese Characters and Primordial Beauty
Other Areas
(please check https://toyooka-artseason.jp/
for locations)
・Oct~Feb Delivering Arts to Tajima 2022
・2/10~11 Everyone’s Dance Studio 2022
・2/4~3/4 72nd Zentan High School Art Exhibition

Toyooka Art Season Autumn/Winter Edition is here! Until March various dance, music, theater, and art events will be held throughout Toyooka City.

Check out the February events above!

Those who would like to receive more information about Toyooka Art Season, including ticket pricing for events, can check their website here.