September - November

Sea of Clouds

From September to November under the right conditions you can feel as if you are floating high above the earth as a sea of clouds softly roll over the mountain tops below you.


Climb to the top of Mt. Kuruhi, located near Kinosaki Onsen, early in the morning just before sunrise to see the sun cast brilliant colors across a soft blanket of clouds below.

This is a rare natural phenomenon that occurs only under certain conditions. The perfect conditions that cause this wonderful scene are:
-Sufficient radiation cooling of humidity
-Sunny weather
-A big difference in temperature from the day before and the day of the viewing.
The best suggested time to arrive at the summit is about 4:30am. You should also dress appropriately. For your safety and comfort sturdy walking shoes and warm clothes are best. You should also plan on bringing some liquids to keep you hydrated, a light snack, possibly rain gear, and most importantly- your camera.

There are tours available through Kinosaki Onsen’s Tourist Information Center SOZORO. You can learn more about their available tours by clicking on the link below

Mt. Kuruhi Sunrise Tour 2018

It is approx. a 2.5 hour walk and climb from Kinosaki Onsen Station to the top of Mt. Kuruhi. Visitors should check weather reports and routes with the local tourism center ahead of time. Visitors are also responsible for their own safety.

Below is one way to get to the top of Mt. Kuruhi on your own.