January 30th (Thu) - February 26th (Wed)

[Limited-Time-Only] Direct Buses to Izushi & Kannabe

During your stay in Kinosaki Onsen, visit our castle town Izushi or our ski resorts in Kannabe via a direct bus!

Izushi has history dating back to the Edo Period with a traditional kabuki theater, samurai house, castle ruins, and over 70 long-standing soba shops. Today the town is known for its nostalgic atmosphere. Spend a few hours in Izushi by taking the bus for just 770 yen one way from Kinosaki Onsen. If you are going round-trip, be sure to purchase the Zentan Green Pass for 1,000 yen to save 540 yen on your transportation. If you wish to spend more than 2 1/2 hours in Izushi, please ask SOZORO for a timetable of other local buses from Izushi to Kinosaki. Come see a town in the countryside full of history that is only 45 minutes away!

The Kannabe Highlands is a mountainous area with the crater of the Kansai region’s youngest, but extinct, volcano. The geological features of this volcano and the area make the Kannabe Highlands a great location for various snow activities for all ages and abilities. Visit the highlands at night through this special offer and enjoy either a special snowcat tour or a slope-side bar experience (reservation required). Click here for more details and for making a reservation. See the flyer below for more information: