July 27th(Fri) - August 26th(Sun)

Kinosaki Onsen Summer Festival 2018


Summer is full of events and shows in Kinosaki Onsen. This year, they will happen over a one month period from July 27th to August 26th. We have listed the events below for every day during this period, so check it out to see what is going on!

Events every day from 8 pm to 9:30 pm such as the following:
*Weeknight Fireworks Display: starting at 9 pm along the Otani river (the main river in the center of Kinosaki Onsen)
*Shrine Festival: Stalls and games at Shisho shrine next to Goshono-yu public bathhouse.
*Taiko (Japanese drum) Performance
*Obon Dance

***Special events***
Friday August 6th:  Kinosaki Furusato (Hometown) Festival
Friday August 17th: Miss Yukata Contest 2018
Tuesday August 26th: Lantern Festival, one of the most magical events in Kinosaki Onsen. (Hundreds of lanterns made by the festival goers float down the Otani River. They write wishes on a paper lantern, put a candle inside and watch it float down the river. Anyone is welcome to make their own lantern for free. There is going to be a special platform on the river in order to let the lanterns go. This festival really resembles the beauty of the summer in Kinosaki Onsen.

July 27th Shrine Festival & Fireworks Display
July 28th Shrine Festival
July 29th Shrine Festival
July 30th Shrine Festival & Fireworks Display
July 31st Shrine Festival & Fireworks Display
August 1st Shrine Festival & Fireworks Display & Taiko Performance
August 2nd Shrine Festival & Fireworks Display
August 3rd Shrine Festival & Fireworks Display
August 4th Shrine Festival 
August 5th Shrine Festival 
August 6th  Kinosaki Furusato (Hometown) Festival & Fireworks Display
August 7th Shrine Festival & Fireworks Display
August 8th Shrine Festival & Fireworks Display & Taiko Performance
August 9th Shrine Festival & Fireworks Display 
August 10th Shrine Festival & Fireworks Display 
August 11th Shrine Festival
August 12th Shrine Festival
August 13th Shrine Festival
August 14th Obon Dance
August 15th Obon Dance
August 16th Shrine Festival & Fireworks Display
August 17th Shrine Festival & Fireworks Display  & Miss Yukata Contest 2018
August 18th Shrine Festival 
August 19th Shrine Festival
August 20th Shrine Festival & Fireworks Display
August 21st Shrine Festival & Fireworks Display

August 22nd Shrine Festival & Fireworks Display & Taiko Performance
August 23rd Shrine Festival & Fireworks Display
August 24th Shrine Festival & Fireworks Display
August 25th Shrine Festival 
August 26th Lantern Festival & Fireworks Display
Note: In the case of bad weather, events may be changed or cancelled.