Crab Festival 2016

2016 Crab Festival!

When: Sunday 28th February 2016

Time: 8.30-14.00

Where: Tsuiyama Port, Oshima, Toyooka


Enjoy the crab season while you can, at this delicious event!
Buses are available from Kinosaki Onsen to the nearby Tsuiyama port throughout the morning of the event. It is a 6 minute bus ride. Take the orange Zentan bus heading for Hiyoriyama (日和山) and get off at Oshima (小島).

Event schedule:

8.30~ Opening ceremony. Taiko drum performance

8.30~ Mr Crab`s letter writing corner. Send a letter to your friends or acquaintances from the crab festival! Cover it in crab stickers and stamps!

9.00~ Taiko drum performance.

Free food stalls open: crab soup, crab sake, grilled chikuwa, crab sushi, oden etc

Market stalls open: Tsuiyama crabs, seafood etc

9.30~10.00 Gourmet auction (you can expect the lowest prices available!)

Festival attendees can bid on local foods such as Tsuiyama crabs, fresh fish, and Tajima beef. You`ll be amazed by the low prices on offer!

10.00~ Meet the local mascots

10.30~11.00 Making mochi 1st time: the freshly made mochi will be given out for free

11.00~11.30 Crab festival raffle (200 yen per ticket)

*Raffle tickets on sale from 10.00

11.30~13.30 Crab rice porridge on sale (100 yen per bowl, available for the first 800 people)

*food tickets on sale from 11.30

11.30~13.30 Minakore Market live stage

13.00~13.30 Kids bingo game

13.30~14.00 Making mochi 2nd time: the freshly made mochi will be given out for free


2016 Crab Festival poster
Enjoy delicious crab rice porridge
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