(Feb.13) LED Sky Lantern Event at Tajima Dome

An amazing LED Sky Lantern event will be held at Tajima Dome!!          ≪TAJIMA DOME FESTIVAL 2016 ~Winter Story~>>
You can write wishes on a lantern and launch it into the sky inside of Tajima Dome. What will be your wish in 2016??

◆DATE:13 February 2016 (Saturday)
  ※The release of LED Sky Lanterns is scheduled for around 19:30
◆TIME:16:00-20:00  ※Food stalls will open at 15:00
◆VENUE: Tajima Dome (88-50 Nashiki, Hidaka Chou, Toyooka City, Hyogo JAPAN)
◆PRICE: 2,000/lantern (Only entrance is FREE)
◆NUMBERS OF LANTERNS: Limited to 500!!
◆HOW TO APPLY: Send e-eail to //mentioning your name, address, age, gender, number of lanterns, and number of people in your group). They will contact you later.
◆ACCESS FROM KINOSAKI : Available by Zentan bus . For more information, please contact Sozoro by e-mail or Tel 0796-32-0013 (local)

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