Day Trip: Making Soba and Zazen Meditation in Izushi

How about taking a day trip from Kinosaki Onsen to discover Izushi castle town?
We have an exciting one day plan where you can try making and eating delicious Izushi soba.
You can take a stroll around Izushi town and discover all of its historical sites and traditional architecture. Afterwards, you can try Zazen meditation at the famous Sukyoji temple. This day trip plan is full of original experiences which are sure to be a fun addition to your travels.
Price of the day trip is 7000 yen (inc. tax). This price also covers also the transfers to and from Kinosaki Onsen.  
This day trip is available every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday throughout 2016.
*there may be cases where we cannot run the trip.

To book or make enquiries, ask at SOZORO Tourist Information Center, by JR Kinosaki Onsen station. 
You can email SOZORO at:
or call 0796-32-0013.
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