ON-MYAKU 2016- see/do/be tone

There will be a FREE Public Rehearsal Performance of ON-MYAKU 2016- see/ do/ be tone at Kinosaki International Arts Center on Monday 18th January from 18.00.
ON-MYAKU 2016- see/ do/ be tone  is a collaboration of dance, piano and graphics programming.
It brings together a range of artistic fields in one piece of work. The piece will be performed at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan on 30th and 31st January. However you can see it for free- only at KIAC!!
Tickets would normally cost 4500 yen so please make the most of this FREE opportunity and come down to KIAC on 18th January! Performance starts at 18.00.
Performer`s background information
Dancer: Tsuyoshi Shirai
From 1996 to 2000, he danced with the company Kim Itoh + the Glorious Future. In 1998 he created the company Study of Live Works BANETO in which he choreographed all of the company`s works. In 2000, Living Room - the room of sand (which was a collaboration with the company`s cofounder, the musician Awazu Yusuke) received the Prix d'Auteur de Conceil General de la Seine-Saint-Denis. In 2006 he set up the dance company AbsT. In recent years he has been participating in artists in residence projects all over Japan, and running both adult and children`s dance workshops.
Pianist: Ken`ichi Nakagawa
Studied piano and conducting in Tokyo and Antwerp, Belgium. In 1997 he was awarded third prize at the Gaudeamus International Competition in Rotterdam. He has worked with a wide variety of contemporary dancers and is currently a member of the contemporary music ensemble Ensemble Nomad. In Japan he participates in both solo and chamber music concerts as well as conducting chamber music and chamber operas.
He teaches part-time at Ochanomizu Women`s University and Toho Gakuen University.
Programmer : Satoshi Horii
Studied DSP at IAMAS (Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences). Through programming he creates interactive graphics in a variety of fields in the art and entertainment world. He was the head of design and programming for the Perfume Global Site Project which won the grand prize for the entertainment division at the 16th Japan Media Arts Festival.
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