2022 Onsen Festival

Kinosaki’s annual Onsen Festival will be held soon on April 23 and 24.

Commemorating the work of Dochi Shonin, a Buddhist monk who founded Kinosaki Onsen over 1,300 years ago, the Onsen Festival is one of Kinosaki’s most important yearly events and begins on the date of Dochi Shonin’s death.

In 717 AD, Dochi Shonin received a vision in Kinosaki which told him to pray for the local people’s health for 1,000 days. After he did so, it is said that a hot spring shot up from the ground, creating Kinosaki Onsen.

The Buddhist monks from Onsenji, a temple in Kinosaki Onsen where visitors often come to show their gratitude to Dochi Shonin, walk around town to each of the seven hot springs to pray for the safety and prosperity of Kinosaki Onsen. It is a very special occasion to witness!

Street vendors will also be selling goods from 14:00 on April 23 and 10:00 on April 24.

Event Location: Kinosaki Onsen, Hyogo, Japan (ceremony begins at Shisho Shrine, 447 Kinosakicho Yushima, Toyooka, Hyogo 669-6101)

Event Time: Ceremony begins at 10:30 on April 23

Event Date: April 23~24

Friday, April 23rd
10:30- Procession of monks between hot springs| Shisho Shrine ~ each public bath
14:00-17:00- Waku Waku Treasure Hunt | Shisho Shrine
18:30-21:00- Lantern-decorating | Shisho Shrine

Saturday, April 24th
10:00- Mourning Prayer for Onsenji Temple Founder | Ryokan Association ~ each public bath
12:00- Buddhist Memorial Service in front of Dochi Shonin’s grave | Onsenji Temple
12:40- Buddhist Memorial Service | Onsenji Temple

*During the days of the Onsen Festival, the following discounts will be available:

9:00~16:00 Kinosaki Ropeway
Adults 500 yen, children 250 yen

9:00~16:30 Kinosaki Literature Museum entry discount

10:00~16:00 Straw Craft Museum entry discount

7:00~23:00 Jizo-yu free entry

15:00~23:00 Yanagi-yu and Mandara-yu free entry

*Please note that some traffic patterns will be halted during the Onsen Festival:

From Kinosaki Onsen Station to Yakushido: April 24, 10:00~11:30

From Obashi to Jizo-yu: April 23, 13:00~22:00 and April 24, 10:00~15:00

*The Onsen Festival may have changes in schedule/cancellations depending on the situation of COVID-19.