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Yukata Rental Service Available at Kinosaki Onsen

Walk Japanese Traditional Onsen Town with Wearing Yukata. Most popular way to enjoy Kinosaki Onsen is to walk around the seven public baths in yukata. Ryokans (Japanese inns) at Kinosaki Onsen normally equip yukata. But for those who don’t stay overnight, there is a yukata rental service at “Iroha” shop.

The shop is next to Gosho-no-yu bath house(see following map). They offer you yukata, belt, wooden sandals, small items, fitting service, and hair set. They also sell yukata for adults and kids. Please enjoy the life of yukata in Kinosaki.

For more information about yukata in Kinosaki, please see How to wear yukata - yukata experience in Kinosaki onsen town.

Yukata rental shop Iroha

(Price) 2,160 yen/ 3,240 yen/ 5,400 yen depending on the yukata of your choice (*Prices are subject to change without notice. Also some yukatas are available selling for Japanese souvenir)
(Open) 10:00-18:00, 20:00-22:00
(Closed) Every Thursday

Google map is here.


Yukata rental shop Iroha is located in center of Kinosaki Onsen town.
Rental and sell of colorful yukata is available.
Japanese traditional pictures are painted inside the Iroha shop.
Take photos at onsen town with colorful yukata
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