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京都|久美浜|神の温泉|みなと悠悠 Minato yuuyuu

京都丹後鉄道・小天橋駅より車で5分(送迎あり・事前連絡要) 5 minutes by car from the Kyoto Tango Railway Shoutenkyou Station (Shuttle Service available with required advanced notice).


[1泊朝食付] 21時INもOK!ぶらり気ままに丹後路へ★朝食バイキング付 [ZY007ZX] 1 night stay with breakfast buffet included

One night lodging with breakfast only

Check-in 15:00〜
Check-out 〜10:00

Enjoy more than 40 kinds of freshly cooked dishes from our "Luxurious Seafood Buffet".
At this inn known for its hot spring and fine foods, you can enjoy the Tango area surrounded by sea and lush greenery.

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"Natural and god hot springs"

1泊朝食バイキング付きプラン。 1名様からでも大歓迎~♪ 当日は自家源泉の神の温泉でゆっくりのんびり疲れを癒し、 翌朝は朝食バイキングでしっかり朝ごはん、元気をフルチャージ! ◆夕食◆  ・こちらのプランには付きません ◆朝食◆ 素材にこだわった和洋メニュー  ※時期、仕入れ状況により多少異なる事もございます  ※料理写真はイメージです ◆ご案内◆  ※朝食はバイキングでのご用意です  ※イン時間が21:00を過ぎられる場合は事前にご連絡ください。  ※大浴場のご利用時間は6:00~24:00となります(お部屋にお風呂はございません)。  ※当プランは小人A・小人B料金の設定はございません、大人でお申し込みください。 A plan that includes a one night stay and breakfast buffet. A great plan for the solo traveler. Relax in the hot springs when you arrive and soak away your exhaustion. The next morning, have a good breakfast at our breakfast buffet and recharge yourself. -----Dinner----- Dinner is not included in this plan. ----Breakfast---- Japanese and Western menu with special ingredients. *Menu may differ slightly depending on the time and purchase conditions. *Pictures of food are sample images. -----Information----- -Breakfast is buffet style. -If your check-in time is past 21: 00, please contact us beforehand. -The large community bath is open 6am to midnight (there is no bath in the room). -We don't have a setting for a children A or a children B. Please register them the same as adults.


Lounge on the fifth floor


We recommend a walk on the Kumihama Bay Trail in front of the Ryokan.


Japanese-style room


Breakfast buffet

Additional fee notice
About service fees and taxes
Extra charge for bathing tax JPY 150yen per person.
All prices include service fees and consumption taxes.
Cancellation charges
The following cancellation fees will apply for your reservation:
2~3 days before (30%)
1 day before (50%)
Day of / No show (100%)
Internet cancellation
Cancellations are taken 06:00pm 7 days

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